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Our Styled Shoots at The Beal Event Center

A styled shoot is a staged wedding photo shoot or possibly another shoot setting. It’s Similar to a real event. We put together a wedding design and find our vendor dream team to bring it to life ( hair. Makeup, florist ect.) and then execute the vision on the day of. The Beal Event Center brings in models in wedding attire to be photographed.

This Is simply a collaborative effort of multiple creatives who put their talents and resources together to create a stunning visual concept to be photographed. Wedding pros do this often to create new wedding trend inspiration, but styled shoots can reach far beyond the scope of weddings.

The styled shoot is brining vendors, photographers, & videographers together to capture elegant photos. The entire goal of having a styled shoot is to create valuable content to win the business we all want! The Beal Event Center will be working with a creative team to bring this styled shoot to life. Also we will be working with local businesses, models and creating a network within our community. Not only does this create an event for our community it gives photographers and videographers the ability to enhance their skills, diversify their portfolio and build relationships.

We have two styled shoots coming up up, we are so excited to offer both for a discounted price. Each one will have a ton of content, will be offered at different times of the day to work with photographer/videographers schedules. , if you purchase both styled shoot tickets, it’s a discounted cost of $50. (Both $200) limited space. Tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE. Tickets are $125.

If you’re interested in getting involved, we’d love to have you! Shot lists will prioritize each vendor’s needs!

Open to photographers and videographers! For more information

Don’t miss your chance to add stunning, timeless images to your portfolio. Book your spot now and join us for a day of elegance and beauty.

HAVE MORE QUESTIONS? or 828 415 1623

Dawn Holladay, Executive Director

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